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I have three decades of software engineering and management experience in one of the world's leading technology companies. I am a software engineer at heart, consistently maintaining some level of hands-on experience with evolving technologies. Experienced in managing large organizations and smaller teams of project focused technology experts, I have a proven track record of delivering innovation. I hold or am a participant in seven U.S. Patents mainly focused on middleware technology.

Getting closer to projects focused on cutting edge technologies in a small to mid-sized organization is desired. I seek an environment where I can both lead and participate in the creation of innovative products that can visibly move the bottom line in a positive direction.

Projects that have the greatest success are generally driven by small to mid-sized teams comprised of creative and energetic experts. Giving a team member the freedom to imbue their vision and creativity into their work can yield surprising results and will keep them engaged when salary will not. Loyalty is earned and must be reciprocated.

Architects, developers, testers and project managers are not widgets. They are people with vision, desire, and creativity who achieve personal and professional satisfaction by seeing it recognized.

People work for companies, but they deliver for leaders. I am a highly engaged leader and my teams deliver visible and real results.


Tools & Technology.

Technologies Storage Languages Tools Management


Webster University - St. Louis, Missouri

Master of Science in Computer Science - Graduated: 1999

Emphasis in Distributed Computing technology.

Missouri State University - Springfield, Missouri

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems - Graduated: 1985

School of Business degree with an emphasis in Information Systems.

East Central College - Union, Missouri

Associate of Arts in Business Administration - Graduated: 1983

Business degree with a focus in Information Systems.

Harvard Management Mentor Series

Emphasis on leadership and finance.

Six Sigma

Belts: White, Green, Yellow, Orange


Things I've done...

AT&T - Director

Advanced Engineering Team - Hosting

Des Peres, MO / 2011 - Present

Lead a team of technical SMEs with a focus on the automation of AT&T's hosting business. This team of experts does everything from design/pre-sales to infrastructure tool development. Focus on utilization of cloud technologies built around OpenStack to develop technology for rapid deployment of large scale eCommerce applications. This includes custom extensions to OpenStack to integrate network components such as F5 load balancers and mechanisms to enhance the QoS capabilities of the OpenStack platform. Some of the clients supported include Target, Marks & Spencer (London), Kohl’s, TJ Maxx (TJX), Darden (Olive Garden/Red Lobster), DuPont, and numerous other mid-tier retailers.

AT&T - Director

Software Development Lifecycle & Governance Tools

St. Louis, MO / 2010 - 2011

Managed three teams responsible for developing integration frameworks for software tools, the ALM (Application Management Lifecycle) group, and the Q Enterprise Messenger team. The framework team is responsible for creating a distributed RESTful framework to facilitate the integration of commercial software development and governance tools. Its primary function is to collect and share information between interested components, track that information, and report on it. The ALM team is responsible for the SCM (Software Configuration Management) tools used by AT&T including Subversion, CVS, and other software repository tools, continuous build management with Hudson, and development management with JIRA. The third team is responsible for the AT&T internal instant messaging product which has 250K concurrent users daily and is supported on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, RIM, and Android platforms.

AT&T - Executive Director

Data & Software Engineering Solutions

St. Louis, MO / 2002 - 2010

Lead a team of approximately 175 employees and contractors in developing the necessary tools, frameworks and best practices to support key infrastructure initiatives. One area is end-to-end model driven SOA service technology and tooling for AT&T’s IT organization, which is deployed in a high-performance private cloud configuration. The second is to provide a common Extract Transform & Load (ETL) driven active data layer (not data warehouse) used to dramatically improve the performance of any software component needing easy and fast access to mission critical data. The third focus area is consumer based web security and identity management for all of AT&T’s public facing web presence (80 million customers) including IP-based television set top boxes. Additionally, my team provides software tools including an Eclipse-based Integrated Testing Environment, Network Topology Monitoring, distributed service management. Other efforts include AT&T’s Enterprise Instant Messaging product, mobile editions of that product for Blackberry and iPhone, Bots, and presence technology. All product sets combine to support over 3.5 billion messages per week.

SBC Communications - Director

Middleware Infrastructure

St. Louis, MO / 2000 - 2002

Managed a team of approximately 80 software engineers focused on delivering both internally developed asynchronous middleware technology and driving the use of WebSphere Application Server and JBOSS/Tomcat in creating one of the largest reusable server side sets of services in the world at that time. We built a highly scalable SOA environment long before the term “Service Oriented Architecture” became popular. Developed the first highly scalable service bus infrastructure inside SBC. Supported a broad range of platforms including native MVS, Windows, Tandem, and System V Unix variants.

SBC Communications - Technical Director


St. Louis, MO / 1998 - 2000

Managed a team of approximately 20 software engineers focused on developing message-oriented middleware for SBC. Developed cross platform implementations in C, C++, and Java.

Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. - Architect


St. Louis, MO / 1996 - 1998

Consulted on solutions architecture for a number of large-scale systems including real-time toll processing for cellular billing operations, EIA solutions, and middleware.

Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems - Manager

Information Services

St. Louis, MO / 1992 - 1995

Developed convergence systems using client server computing to consolidate the sales and activations flows for cellular market operations, managed the regional telephone and retail networks, and coordinated floor space renovations and build outs.

Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. - Manager

Systems Analyst

St. Louis, MO / 1985 - 1992

Designed and developed software systems on Stratus Fault Tolerant and Unix System V systems in C, to support outside plant repair and maintenance. Designed and developed software in COBOL and PL/1 supporting mainframe systems responsible for maintenance of the outside plant network.



I hold 7 US Patents focused on middleware, business activity monitoring, and resource management in distributed computing networks.


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5048 Duessel - Apt B, Saint Louis, MO 63128

(314) 691-2298


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Mountains, landscape photography and hiking are usually involved in my vacations. Fingerstyle guitar is something I occassionally attempt, but everyone else would be better off if I didn't. My skiing ability is just a little better than my guitar skills, however I am quite skilled at shopping for shoes.

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